Who We Are




I am Orsolya a loving mother of four beautiful children aged between 9 months and 16 years.

I developed Elderflower Mornings out of the desire to offer something unique and wonderful to this community with the aim to combine love, beauty, children, nature and arts with Steiner education. All of these I feel passionate about and this is where my heart is.

Elderflower Mornings are meant to contain and deliver my experiences and knowledge gathered throughout my life.

I have 10 years teaching experience in Steiner education and other alternative schools.

My professional background is in science having gained Masters degrees in Zoology and Agriculture. I then embarked on a Steiner Educational Training Programme and will attain my Level 7 Steiner Education Diploma with Early Years Specialisation in Summer 2019.

I have a deep connection with the natural world, particularly animals, also I am profoundly interested in art therapy. I have skills in many areas of arts and crafts which are deeply relaxing and meditative for me.


I and my helpers are dedicated to providing a loving, nourishing and inspiring environment to the children who come to Elderflower Mornings.